IMPANDA Update Spring 2016

First of all, thank you for your patience in our getting this newsletter out.  After Omy’s trip home to Rwanda in January, we have been realigning with the mission and vision of Impanda and devising a plan for our next step towards empowering and supporting at risk youth in Rwanda, Africa.

Omy's first trip back to Rwanda was a success!  He spent four weeks in Rwanda and was able to take the generous donations, love, and support from our community here in the US and deliver it straight to the youth in Rwanda.  Omy was able to deliver 10 backpacks thanks to our Giving Back campaign.  In addition, Omy was able to connect with a Rwandan run non-profit called Together We Can Make It.  With this connection, he was able to provide school supplies for 50 children.  But, the biggest and most profound impact was that he was able to take the donations and provide 12 months of health insurance for 50 children.

Upon arriving in Rwanda and talking with at-risk youth, Rwandan’s doing similar work, and learning about some changes in the government, Omy was able to see that another goal we can adopt to make a big, sustainable and productive impact in Rwanda is to support youth by providing health insurance.  We were amazed to learn that a child can receive 12 months of quality health insurance for only $15! 

Our next goal is to return to Rwanda in September 2016.  This time, we want to double our impact.  We are hoping to deliver 20 full backpacks ($1,500) to at-risk youth without a consistent home, give school supplies for 100 children ($1,000) and provide health insurance for 100 children ($1,500). 

But first, can we just take a moment to celebrate and be in awe of what we have been able to accomplish in less than a year? Because of Omy’s bold and courageous vision, the unconditional support from a dedicated team, and countless trusting and generous supporters and donors, in 7 months we were able to host our first fundraiser with close to 500 people in attendance, acquire our 501c3 status, get Omy home to Rwanda, and make a big impact in the lives of at-risk youth who are so deserving of the love and support we have to offer.  Now that is something that we can collectively be proud of!

If you are feeling the ‘call’ to help, then there are several simple ways that you can help. 

1.)    We need to broaden the awareness for Impanda.  One simple and easy way to do this, is to add us on facebook!  And then, suggest our page to your friends!  The more people hear about Impanda, the more opportunity for people to follow their ‘call’ to get engaged.

2.)     We need to fundraise for our trip back this September to continue to build this foundation and fill in the next puzzle piece to our long term vision.  This can be done by donating on our website (check out the 'Take Action' button above, and note that we now accept paypal!), by encouraging your friends and family to donate as well, or to hold your own campaign and fundraiser to raise money for our cause.

3.)    Sam has launched her own blog and website where you can purchase Impanda inspired shirts and necklaces with proceeds benefitting Impanda.  You can find the swag at  Helping others never looked so good!

4.)    The biggest and greatest contribution that you can make is to energetically send us your love, support and good wishes.  Invisible as it may be, the power of thought is profound and Omy’s story and vision of Impanda is a perfect example.  So, send the love and we will gratefully accept and put it to good work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support thus far.  You are a part of making the dream for collective empowerment come true.