Impanda's Team

It has always been our intention to take the best that Rwanda has to offer and merge it with the best that the US has to offer, cultivating win-win scenarios in all that we do. We have a diverse and skilled team in place both in the US and in Rwanda to ensure that we contribute to the world in the most effective and positive way possible.

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Impanda founders: Omy and Sam Karoero

Omy and Sam met in 2012 while Sam was working in Rwanda.  Immediately upon meeting, they knew they had a big mission to fulfill in the world together.  They moved to Spokane, WA USA together in 2014 and welcomed their first son, Zion in 2015.  Sam acts as the Executive Director of Impanda while Omy fulfills the role of Operations Director. 


Gihana: Community Liasion in Rwanda

Gihana is Omy's right hand man in Rwanda.  Gihana works with coordinating community members and connecting us with the appropriate government officials. Our work in Rwanda wouldn't be nearly as productive or successful without Gihana.


Joseph Cahall: Board of Directors

Joseph Cahall acts as the lawyer for Impanda.  A believer from the beginning, Joseph plays a pivotal role in the implementation of successful and legal fundraising and program development.

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Lori Decicio: board of Directors

Lori is our go to person for essentially everything.  From acting as a community liaison to connecting us with donors to jumping in to assist with our events, Lori has us covered! Never have we ever met a human being who gives her time, knowledge and love more unconditionally and freely as Lori.


Zou Zou: Director of Arts In Rwanda

An incredibly talented artist himself, Zou Zou has worked closely with Omy in identifying programs centered on the arts.  Bridging Rwandan culture with self expression, Zou Zou is a key support in implementing art programs.


Kathryn Parker: Board of Directors

Kathryn is a visionary and dreamer and is a pivotal player in taking Impanda from an idea to reality. With Sam and Omy from the beginning of Impanda, she is irreplaceable and acts as a consistent, reliable and essential support for Impanda.


Rachel McLachlan: board of Directors

Rachel is a health and nutrition advocate whose calling is to move our world closer to holistic health.  She acts as a consultant and steps up to assist in any way needed.



Melissa Utter: Director of Social MedIa

Melissa began as Impanda's most reliable and dependable volunteer.  She showed up to every event and jumped in to helping, regardless of what the job was.  With her interest and schooling in marketing, her contribution has evolved into our go-to social media and marketing person.