About Impanda

Impanda is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports at-risk youth in Rwanda, Africa by providing enrichment programs centered around health, basic education, music and art. 

Impanda is unique in that the inspiration and development is driven by founder, Omy Karorero.  Omy's life experience after being orphaned and left to survive on the streets of Rwanda after the 1994 genocide is invaluable for the impact we are able to make as an organization.  In a country with a complex history, having the ability to understand the underlying issues and know, from first hand experience, what is most helpful to at-risk youth ensures that our work makes a sustainable and profound difference.

Omy, with his wife and Impanda co-founder Sam are backed by a strong team both in Rwanda and the US to assist and support Impanda as it continues to grow and evolve.